In this podcast, participants discuss how views on RCR and ethics are shaped by one's experiences and upbringing, as well as whether research integ

The material in this package aims to enable the reader to recognize responsible conduct issues within computational modeling, including issues rela

The ASEM DE/I series featured a a provocative talk entitled "Race Matters in Engineering and Technology" with Professor Rosalyn W.

This project focuses on ethics-in-the-making in machine learning and data science using qualitative methods to examine the ways researchers imagine

This project will focus on the digital health research ecosystem and assess the landscape for existing ER2 training and practices in digital health

This project plans to take tools developed by the National Ethics Project to look at how what's being taught about ethics at NJIT and the instituti

This project aims to foster a culture of excellence and integrity in university and professional settings by infusing Responsible Conduct of Resear

Based on the idea that standalone ethics courses have limited impact, this project aims to support faculty and students in starting conversations a

There is increased attention to the culture and climate of STEM research and practice settings that failed to prevent and deal with sexual harassme

This project investigates new ethical frameworks for protecting human research participants in response to the digital age and develop resources fo