Authors Without Borders


This resource, Authors Without Borders: Guidelines for Discussion Authorship with Collaborators, intends to (i) enhance awareness of ethical issues associated with authorship that researchers might face in collaborative projects, (ii) assist in the identification of frequent sources of misunderstanding associated with authorship that can result in conflicts, and (iii) contribute to the development of guidelines for discussion that can serve as a basis for proactive, ethical and culturally sensitive conversations about co-authorship.


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The project that led to this publication was led by Dena K. Plemmons (PI) and Stephanie J. Bird and the late Dan Vasgird (co-PIs). At the data analysis stage, Mohammad Hosseini joined the team to contribute to data synthesis and report writing. Peer discussion groups were conducted with researchers – senior and junior scholars and post-docs – in Brazil, Germany, China and the United States to assess perceptions and experiences of authorship issues in their research collaborations. The information gleaned in these peer discussion groups was used to develop a survey which was then disseminated to all of Sigma Xi’s chapters across the globe, having been translated into six different languages. The result was over 2,500 responses which were used, along with existing literature, to write Authors Without Borders: Guidelines for Discussing Authorship with Collaborators.

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NSF: Authors Without Borders: Investigation of International Authorship Norms among Scientists and Engineers (#1338449)

NSF: Authors Without Borders: Continuing Investigation of International Authorship Norms among Scientists and Engineers (#1835237)

Dena Plemmons, Stephanie J. Bird. . Authors Without Borders. Online Ethics Center. DOI:.