Use of Materials on the OEC

Materials posted to the OEC remain the intellectual property of the author (except for materials in the public domain).

Materials Posted By OEC Contributors: OEC contributors are encouraged to make their materials available for the use of others on suitable terms, but use rights remain within the discretion of the OEC Contributor. While all materials on the OEC are subject to copyright, materials can be used for educational purposes under the "fair use" clause in section 107 of the Copyright Act of 1976. On individual resources pages, the terms of use and necessary credit/attribution requirements may be shown in the notes below the resource description. If an author has not specified use rights or proper credit/attribution requirements, or if a user wants to use the material in a way not specified, then users should contact authors directly for permissions and credit/attribution requirements. If no author is listed or the author cannot be reached, please contact the OEC Staff at