Operationalizing AI Ethics


In this talk, Francesca Rossi presents the main issues around AI ethics, the impact of this technology on our lives, and describes some of the approaches used to address them.


AI is going to bring huge benefits in terms of scientific progress, human wellbeing, economic value, and the possibility of finding solutions to major social and environmental problems. However, such a powerful technology also raises some legitimate concerns, related for example to the black-box nature of some AI approaches, the possible discriminatory decisions that AI algorithms may recommend, the accountability and responsibility when an AI system is involved in an undesirable outcome, the usage of data, the generation of false but plausible content, and the use or generation of copyrighted material. With its current capabilities, AI is having a rapid and profound impact on many human activities, including creative ones, as well as on education. Without adequate and responsible answers to these challenges, many will not trust AI, and therefore will not fully adopt it nor get its positive impact, while others will use it in an unsafe way.

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