Writing Security: Teaching Security Ethics Through Policy Writing


Discussion of ethical development and uses of computing have recently increased in technology fields such as computer security. Developing and sharing interdisciplinary course materials may make it easier for instructors to include a broader range of ethical concepts into their technical security courses. This packet connects security and ethics for students by asking them to create a security policy and consider ethical concerns such as systemic inequality and disproportionate harms. This curriculum is particularly well-suited for courses in computer or information security but could be used to discuss ethics in any information or computer science course.


This work was funded by the National Science Foundation, Grant #1634202.

Justin Petelka, Megan Finn, Katie Shilton. . Writing Security: Teaching Security Ethics Through Policy Writing. Online Ethics Center. DOI:. https://onlineethics.org/cases/writing-security-teaching-security-ethics-through-policy-writing.