From Ethics to Action: Questions and Possibilities for Building a New Culture of Engineering


What would it take to actually value environmental protection, social justice, peace, and human rights in engineering? How do we move from idealistic visions to concrete action? Can engineers make a living wage doing work that promotes these values? This session hopes to promote a discussion about these questions and more. 

Dr. Darshan Karwat is an Assistant Professor at the School for the Future of Innovation in Society and The Polytechnic School at Arizona State University. He loves space, soccer, food, and may have developed a recent fascination with traffic laws. You can find his recent publications at: Earth's Future, Science and Engineering Ethics (Vol. 21), and Science and Engineering Ethics (Vol. 26). 

Dr. Karwat will be joined by discussant Julianna Valenzuela, a recent graduate from the Colorado School of Mines with a Master’s in Civil and Environmental Engineering. She has served as a leader in Humanitarian Engineering and has spent her academic and early engineering career investigating methods for better engineering practices and sustainable community development.

The webinar will be hosted by Dr. Caitlin Wylie, Associate Professor of Science, Technology, and Society at UVA’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. 

Please Note: This webinar will not be recorded.

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