Tech Stewardship Opportunity

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We're pleased to announce that the OEC is partnering with leading organizations to offer the Technological Stewardship Practice Program (TSPP). The program consists of a series of simple reflective exercises that are designed to help you integrate socio-ethical considerations into your work or studies, and navigate the competing priorities you will face throughout your career. Requiring 12 hours to complete, the program is self-facilitated and flexible. The recommended pacing is 1 hour per week over 12 weeks. Learn from leading practitioners, build your network, and earn a sought after micro-credential. 

Registration is free for OEC members and closes February 28, 2023. Our registration link is available in our newsletter, which you can receive by joining the OEC for free here. If you miss our Winter newsletter, a copy will be available for viewing in the membership section of our site.

The concept of tech stewardship and this program are “shared infrastructure” to support broader movements (e.g., tech for good, public interest tech, humane tech, responsible innovation, global engineering, etc…). It has, and continues to be, collaboratively developed by a diverse community – including leaders from academia, industry, non-profits, government and civil society. If you’re are interested in exploring opportunities to become part of this growing community, please contact

(For those who want a bit more context, here’s a summary of how the concept of Tech Stewardship emerged from the work of the Engineering Change Lab Canada.)