Data Ethics Toolkit for the Participatory Sciences


The Data Ethics Toolkit for the Participatory Sciences is a resource developed for considering ethical issues surrounding participant-generated data. It was built collaboratively by and for practitioners of citizen and community science. The toolkit aims to help project leaders understand their role as data handlers in identifying, satisfying, and/or balancing ethical obligations of a project to participants, partners, science, and society. The toolkit begins with the Data Governance Tool as a foundation for many decisions in the project.


The online tutorial version of the Toolkit is here:

A PDF of the toolkit is available for download in the sidebar to the left. 


The Editors would like to acknowledge, with our deepest gratitude, the many members of the participatory sciences community who made this project possible. Individuals mentioned on page 3 of the Toolkit, in addition to approximately fifty individuals who contributed but wish to remain anonymous, have been integral to the project. Thanks to their input, the Toolkit reflects both areas of broad agreement and areas of divergent priorities and values.

This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. [1835352], “Establishing Norms of Data Ethics in Citizen Science.”

Caren Cooper, Lisa Rasmussen, Elizabeth Jones. . Data Ethics Toolkit for the Participatory Sciences. Online Ethics Center. DOI:.