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A selection from a Northern Illinois University newsgroup discussing the indictment of LaMacchia and the quality of evidence that was brought against him.


In article <> david@sternlight (David Sternlight) writes:

The indictment is a model of clarity. Whoever drew it up knew exactly what he (or she) was doing. Good that law enforcement is getting computer literate, and passing such literacy on to judges.

The indictment strikes me as sloppy. It presents no indication of evidence indicating that the allegations actually occurred that I can see. Even #17, the request for specific programs, may not justify the charges. The indictment, in my lay-reading, seems to allege without evidence.

I, too, am wondering why the USDA didn't invoke 18 USC 2319 (the '92 copyright infringement change would seem appropriate).

- JT


Newsgroups:,,alt.wired,alt.2600 From: (jim thomas) Subject: Re: Indictment of Sysop Organization: Northern Illinois University Date: Sat, 9 Apr 1994 20:31:26 GMT.

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