Talks and Presentations Related to Research Ethics


A collection of talks and presentations available on the Online Ethics Center from the 2021 Association for Practical and Professional Ethics Conference and the National Science Foundation's 2021 conference titled "Promising Practices and innovative Programs in the Responsible Conduct of Research held virtually in October of 2021. 


Advancing the Use of Professional Decision-Making Strategies in a Culturally Diverse Research Community
This project uses a qualitative approach to identify similarities and differences in professional decision-making strategies among East Asian and U.S. researchers, with the goal of creating a culturally inclusive RCR course.

Assessing Ethical Challenges in Conducting DIY Science during the COVID-19 Pandemic
This project aims to assess how unregulated, DIY research communities navigate ethical issues in a time of crisis.

Creating a Value Literate Culture in Science
This short video discusses a project that created a "values in science" fellowship program, based on the notion that RCR training is less effective when separated from "good science." 

Empowering Faculty to Cultivate a Culture of Ethics
Based on the idea that standalone ethics courses have limited impact, this project aims to support faculty and students in starting conversations about ethics in the course of research and mentoring and throughout the engineering curriculum. The project resulted in the creation of this website, which houses guidelines and case studies on research ethics.

ER2 in the Design of Sociotechnical Systems
This project will focus on the digital health research ecosystem and assess the landscape for existing ER2 training and practices in digital health studies. 

New Frameworks for Ethical Research Amidst Emerging Digital Technologies, Algorithms, and Privacy Norms
This project investigates new ethical frameworks for protecting human research participants in response to the digital age and develop resources for the scientific community and the public.

Study on Teaching a Course of Research Integrity in General Education 
This presentation discusses the results of a study on teaching a course of research integrity and how one can design a curriculum for undergraduate students from different disciplines but also recognize the cultural and language difference in teaching research integrity.

Text Recycling in Scientific Research Writing
This short presentation introduces the Text Recycling Project, which aims to investigate researchers' reuse of materials from their own prior work in new documents.

VERITIES Initiative
This project aims to foster a culture of excellence and integrity in university and professional settings by infusing Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) training with an appreciation and understanding of the scientific virtues. Visit the project website here.

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