Recommended Readings


This page contains recommended readings for unit 7 of the Course on Genomics, Ethics and Society.

  • Burke, A. (2012, February 21). Foundation medicine: Personalizing cancer drugs. MIT Technology Review. Retrieved from
  • Edney, A. (2013, November 25). FDA tells Google-backed 23andMe to halt DNA test service. Bloomberg. Retrieved from
  • Hudson, K. L. & Collins, F. S. (2013). Biospecimen policy: Family matters. Nature500, 141-142.
  • Marpuri, I. L. (2013, April 8). Researchers explore genomic data privacy and risk. National Human Genome Research Institute. Retrieved from
  • Stein L. (2010). The case for cloud computing in genome informatics. Genome Biology11, 207-213.

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