Recommended Readings


This page includes recommended readings for unit six of the Course on Genomics, Ethics, and Society.

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  • DeGrazia, D. (2012). Genetic enhancement, post-persons and moral status: a reply to Buchanan. Journal of Medical Ethics, 38, 135-139.
  • Douglas, T. (2013). Human enhancement and supra-personal moral status. Philosophical Studies, 162, 473-497.
  • Fukuyama, F. (2002). Our posthuman future. Picador.
  • Gordijn, B. & Chadwick, R. (Eds.) (2009). Medical enhancement and posthumanity. Berlin: Springer.
  • Harris, J. (2007). Enhancing evolution: The ethical case for making better people. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press.
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  • Savulescu, J. (2006). Genetic interventions and the ethics of enhancement of human beings. In B. Steinbock (Ed.), The Oxford handbook on bioethics (pp. 516-535). Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • Young, S. (2013, September 30). What will be the next gene therapy? MIT Technology Review. Retrieved from
  • Zimmer, C. (2013, August 13). Gene therapy emerges from disgrace to be the next big thing, again. Wired. Retrieved from

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