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This unit has a number of different sections. An "Essential Question" is provided at the beginning; the idea is for you to bear in mind while you're going through all the material in this unit. The "Background" section provides an introduction to animal biotechnologies, their use, and an overview of some of the key social and ethical issues raised by these technologies. The "Selected Issues In Depth" section examines some of these issues more closely, with film clips from experts in the fields of reproductive biology and animal ethics. The readings required and recommended to support this unit are available in the "Readings" folder. The Discussion section on domestic animal technologies will be opened for you and your fellow students at the determined date for discussion in this section. There is also an assessed Case Study related to domestic animals. We have also provided an "Additional Resources" section, with links to other relevant information including articles and websites.

Unit 4 Essential Question

Animal biotechnologies have advanced rapidly since 1980.  The use of genetically engineered fish and rodents for biomedical research is now the norm, yet genetically engineered food animals and genetic modification of other mammalian species have faced stiff resistance and regulation. What information do you need to sufficiently inform and shape your own views on issues related to ethics, regulatory policy, and public perception of biotechnology use in domestic animals?

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