Unit 4 - Genomics and Domesticated Animals


This is the fourth unit in an extensive Course on Genomics, Ethics and, Society. This unit (4) deals specifically with ethical issues raised by genomics in the context of  genetic modification of domestic animals. Units 1-7 each last approximately 2 weeks, and Unit 8 contains the final case study.


Authors: Clare Palmer, Penny Riggs, T.J.Kasperbauer, Jeremy Johnson at Texas A&M University, College Station and Lauren Cifuentes, Seung Won Park and Jaime McQueen at Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi.

Claire Palmer, Penny Riggs, T.J. Kasperbauer, Jeremy Johnson, Lauren Cifuentes, Seung Won Park, Jamie McQueen. . Unit 4 - Genomics and Domesticated Animals. Online Ethics Center. DOI:. https://onlineethics.org/cases/genomics-ethics-and-society-course/unit-4-genomics-and-domesticated-animals.