Genomics, Ethics and Society Course


This course consists of 8 units. Units 1-7 each last approximately 2 weeks.



The first Unit (1) provides an introduction to genomic science, ethics, and policy.

Units 2 through 7 deal with specific ethical issues raised by genomics in the context of:

  1. synthetic biology and microorganisms,
  2. genetics and crops,
  3. genetic modification of domestic animals,
  4. genetics and conservation,
  5. human genetic therapies and human enhancement, and
  6. privacy and genetic information

Units 2-7 are organized into a consistent unit structure:

  • Navigation and essential question;
  • Background;
  • Selected Issues In Depth;
  • Readings;
  • Discussion;
  • Case Analysis;
  • Additional Resources;
  • Unit Evaluation Survey

Unit 8 contains the final case study. This is the concluding piece of assessment for the course. 

Also included are some notes for instructors who may wish to use this course or parts of it.

This course is available for anyone to use, both in whole and in part, under a Creative Commons license.

This course received funding from the National Science Foundation  Award Number:1237881
Project Title:Collaborative Research: Genomics & Society - Exploring ethics, impacts and consequences of technological advances.

It was created by Clare Palmer, Penny Riggs, T.J.Kasperbauer, Jeremy Johnson at Texas A&M University, College Station and Lauren Cifuentes, Seung Won Park and Jaime McQueen at Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi

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