Unit Navigation and Essential Questions


This is the introduction for unit 1 of the course "Genomics, Ethics, and Society."


How to navigate this unit

In this first module of the course, we will introduce key ideas and concepts relating to genomic science, to ethics, and to genomics in society. Understanding this material is central to developing a critical and reflective perspective on the issues and cases this course will explore. Subsequent modules will deepen this initial introduction. First, we include an Essential Question: this is a question you should keep in your mind while engaging with all the material in this unit. Second, we introduce some important background material that's needed in order to think through issues relating to genetics and genomics, ethics, policy and society. Third, we include a 'Selected Issues in Depth" section that explores policy issues relating to new technologies, including genetic technologies more closely, featuring two speakers, Dr Eric Lindquist and Dr Wendy Jepson. Fourth, we have a section of readings, both required and recommended, with some questions for reflection. Fifth, we have an introduction to dealing with case studies. Each unit of this course, after this one, contains a case study. You will have to write up some of these as part of your assessment. This section includes, therefore, some guidance as to how to think through case studies, what we call the Ethics Assessment Process, and a model case study, giving you some idea how to analyse them. Finally, we include an additional resources section with material you might find interesting and useful.

Unit 1: Essential Question

How might genomic science and the implementation of genomic technologies in society contribute to the creation and promotion of key human values, and how might it challenge or undermine human values?

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