Part of unit 5 of the Course on Genomics, Ethics, and Society, this is a bibliography of recent news articles, academic articles, websites, videos, and other resources on ethics, genomics, and wildlife.


News Stories on Conservation Genomics

Biodiversity Genomics at the Smithsonian - A short note in Science (12/2014) highlighting the Smithsonian's effort to catalog all of earth's genomic biodiversity, in both plants and animals.

Mosquitoes fight malaria - A BBC news piece that discusses mosquitoes genetically modified to be 95% male and how they can aid in the malaria fight.

Genetic Isolation: How animals are impacted by human landscape modification - This 2014 NPR piece highlights how human activities can lead to genetic isolation in wildlife: individuals and populations.

Kill 'Em All - A Radiolab episode discussing mosquito eradication using genetic engineering.

Three Nice Things we Can Say About Mosquitoes - A 2008 NPR piece highlighting some positive aspects of mosquitoes.

Websites of Relevant Individuals and Institutions

Dr. Fred Gould Lab

IUCN redlist of threatened animals

The Smithsonian Institutes Center for Consercation and Evolutionary Genetics

Links to Commentaries & Papers on Conservation Genomics

Bring them all back - An argument for DeExtinction.

Abandon DeExtinction - An argument against  DeExtinction.

Extinct Species Should Stay Extinct - A 2014 article in Slate arguing why extinct species should stay extinct.

Links to useful videos on Conservation Genomics

TEDxDeExtinction - A series of TED videos on DeExtinction.


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