Text Recycling Research Project


As the use of plagiarism-detection software by research journals and academic institutions grows, more instances of text recycling are being identified—and yet there is no consensus on what constitutes ethically or legally acceptable practice. Text recycling is thus an increasingly important and problematic matter in research ethics and publishing.

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Cary Moskovitz (Lead PI)
Professor of the Practice and Director of Writing in the Disciplines, Thompson Writing Program
Duke University

Chris Anson (PI)
Distinguished University Professor and Director of the Campus Writing and Speaking Program
North Carolina State University

Ian Anson (PI)
Assistant Professor of Political Science
University of Maryland Baltimore County

Susanne Hall (PI)
Teaching Professor of Writing and Director of the Hixon Writing Center
California Institute of Technology

David Hansen
Director of Copyright and Scholarly Communications
Duke University Libraries

Michael Pemberton (PI)
Professor of Writing and Linguistics and Director of the University Writing Center
Georgia Southern University

Mitch Yelverton
Senior Research Agreements Manager, Office of Research Contracts
Duke University School of Medicine


Current funding: National Science Foundation: Cultivating Cultures for Ethical STEM program (SES-1737093); Duke University (primary grantee) 

Funding for this research has also been provided by the Josiah Charles Trent Memorial Foundation Endowment Fund and a Duke University Arts and Sciences Faculty Research Grant.

Start and End Date

2016 - ongoing

Contact Information

Cary Moskovitz
Thompson Writing Program
Duke University

Publications, Presentations, and Other Products 


For full text links to TRRP publications, see the Text Recycling website.

Cary Moskovitz, Susanne Hall & Michael A. Pemberton. Common Misconceptions about Text Recycling in Scientific Writing, BioScience (forthcoming, 2022).

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See https://textrecycling.org/presentations/


TRRP Best Practices for Researchers

Understanding Text Recycling:  A Guide for Researchers

Flyer: 5 Common Misconceptions about Text Recycling 

. . Text Recycling Research Project. Online Ethics Center. DOI:. https://onlineethics.org/cases/stem-ethics-projects-2017-present/text-recycling-research-project.