Unit Evaluation Survey


This survey was prepared as part of a course on Genomics, Ethics, and Society to evaluate and improve the usability of the overall course units.


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The following survey has been prepared to evaluate and improve the usability of the course unit. Please rate each statement in a given scale.




Strongly Disagree




Strongly Agree

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I could easily navigate through the unit webpage on eCampus.



Screen displays were attractive and effective.



Graphics, video, and sound were of good quality.



Contents in the unit were presented in a logical order.



I was clearly aware of the unit's objectives.







The essential question helped me understand the unit's objectives.



Background information was helpful and easy to understand.



Selected Issues in Depth helped me deepen my understanding of the content.



I learned from watching the videos.



It was easy to engage in and complete a discussion activity.







The discussion rubric helped me participate better in the discussion.



I learned from making a contribution to the discussion.



I learned from reading others' contributions to the discussion.



The discussion activity was effective overall.



Readings for the unit were easily accessible.







I felt that I was provided with enough resource materials to successfully complete the unit.



The contents helped me accomplish the objectives of the unit.



The level of difficulty of the unit was appropriate.



The unit contents contained correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling.



I enjoyed this unit.



Please elaborate on any of your responses above if necessary.

Anything else you want to say about this unit?

Claire Palmer, Penny Riggs, T.J. Kasperbauer, Jeremy Johnson, Lauren Cifuentes, Seung Won Park, Jamie McQueen. . Unit Evaluation Survey. Online Ethics Center. DOI:. https://onlineethics.org/cases/genomics-ethics-and-society-course/unit-evaluation-survey.