Part of unit 3 of the Course on Genomics, Ethics, and Society, this is a bibliography of recent news articles, academic articles, websites, videos and other resources on ethics, genomics, and crops.


News stories on GM crops & society

Uganda's genetically modified golden bananas

Genetically modified rice testing divides opinion in Ghana

New GM potatoes - for health and non-bruising

GM Crops could be bred to "self destruct" to prevent cross fertilization with wild plants. From Grist, Jan 2015

Websites of Relevant Institutions and Individuals

The Small Planet Institute

GMO Compass Site

Borlaug Institute, Texas A&M

Links to Commentaries & Papers on GM Crops and Society

Grist series on GMOs - In 2013, Grist ran a long series of articles exploring GMOs (the link is to the final article in the series.) There's a lot of really interesting material in these articles. Highly recommended.

2014 debate Vandana Shiva & GM Crops

Labeling GM Food | Overview

Monsanto | Labeling GM Food

Center for Food Safety | Labeling GM Food

Links to useful videos on GM Crops & Society

GMO crops, ethics and environment: Rock Ethics Institute - GMOs and the Environment” attracted significant attention as part of the Rock Ethics Institute Research Ethics Lecture Series. During the event Jonathan Beever, with the help of Kristin Bergman and Michael Rury, moderated a panel of speakers including Dr. Paul Thompson (Michigan State), Dr. Kyle Whyte (Michigan State), Dr. Bart Gremmen (Wageningen University), and Dr. David Mortensen (Penn State). The panelists discuss a range of ethical issues related to questions of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and their environmental implications.

Science, Ethics & Policy of GMOs & your food - Published on Oct 27, 2014 (primarily on GMO labelling); A Foley Institute Science, Ethics, and Public Policy Symposium Oct. 28, 2014 - A discussion of the science and ethics behind labeling GMOs (WA I-522 on the 2013 ballot).

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