Genomics, Ethics and Society Grading Rubrics


Undergraduate and Graduate grading rubrics for case analysis responses and online discussions for the Course on Genomics, Ethics, and Society. These grading rubrics are part of an extensive course on Genomics, Ethics and, Society.


The rubrics are available below. 

Undergraduate Discussion Rubric

Graduate Discussion Rubric

Undergraduate Case Analysis Rubric

Graduate Case Analysis Rubric

There are two built-in forms of assessment in this course. The first is an online discussion. Every online discussion consists of a scenario and some questions that are used to kick off the discussion.  The idea is that students exchange ideas and engage in debates with other members of the online discussion group, rather than making one single long posting. Everyone is asked to make their first post on the day the discussion opens, though the discussion will stay open for two weeks. Grading for the discussion posts is based upon either the undergraduate or graduate discussion rubrics.

The second form of assessment in the course are case study analyses described in Units 2-8 (which may also be linked to the online class discussion for the unit). As part of the assessment, everyone is required to write up two case studies from the six cases in the main content units for the course, and then to complete the final case study (which constitutes Unit 8). For undergraduates, the case studies during the course are each worth 20% of the final grade, and should be a maximum of 4 pages long (excluding references); the final case study is worth 30%. For graduate students, each case study during the course is worth 15% of the final grade, and should be a maximum of 5 pages long; the final case (which for graduate students involves some independent research) is worth 20%. (Graduate students also have to write a research paper). Grading for the case analyses are based on the undergraduate and graduate case analysis rubrics.


Authors: Clare Palmer, Penny Riggs, T.J.Kasperbauer, Jeremy Johnson at Texas A&M University, College Station and Lauren Cifuentes, Seung Won Park and Jaime McQueen at Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi.

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